Wednesday, February 2, 2011


239. A place to call home in Provo. Trying to avoid the apartment scene and wanting to feel emancipated from the stipulations of BYU housing, I searched for a historic home to rent near center street in Provo. In my attempts to feel like an adult university graduate, I had to remember that nearing three years since graduation doesn't guarantee you the money you once thought you'd have by this time. And so, I caved and bought a $180 a month contract at an apartment complex. Only in Provo, UT can you find something this inexpensive and not feel like the walls are going to crumble at any given moment. This might just happen at my place, but for now I'm oblivious due to the world tapestry and Russian paraphernalia shrouding the area. 

Monday, January 24, 2011


238. A beating drum inside me burning to exhibit itself through my feet, legs, torso and arms. Its omnipresence can never be appeased by any other favorite physical activities of aerobics, running, cycling or hiking. There are not always times in life when I can quench this fervent desire but whatever I do, wherever I go, dance will always be a part of me. My Capezio Tap Shoes were ecstatic to once again be a part of the Y's performing club on the wooden oak floors, but unfortunately the timing is not right and they will resume tapping at another time down the road. 

Thursday, January 6, 2011


237. Whitney, the State AmeriCorps representative working at United Way in behalf of the Volunteer Care Clinic in Utah Valley. If I have my own desk and title, I think it deserves some acknowledgment. But I'll have to admit, this is my first desk job and after 8 hours of sitting (did you know I could even do that? I didn't either.), I may be happy it is only part-time for four months. Some of my responsibilities include: checking credentials for our volunteers, entering information into our database, running errands and doing trivial tasks. My position may be more like a glorified office assistant, but it is important to do the background work so the clinic can run for low-income and uninsured families.


236. We saw Black Swan this evening. After talking about it for more than two weeks, I looked forward to going because, more than anything, I love dates with my sisters. And second, I heard Natalie Portman did an excellent job at portraying a ballerina. Dance + sisters, of course I'll go. As soon as I heard its rating as we were driving to the cinema, my uncertainty began to look a little like the image above. Unaware of the movie's premise beforehand, I am almost certain my face maintained that frightened naivety during the entire duration. Just as I knew before, I enjoyed being with the girls and the dancing was beautiful. And that's about it.


235. Dear blog, I'm sorry. Since arriving back in the US, you may have noticed my pictures are fuzzy and unfocused. This could be analogous for my attempts at adapting back to American life and trying to fit in when everything seems so unclear. It just so happens that the most blurry of my pictures is with Audra, who is in the same boat. Enjoying dinner with her and her parents made us forget all about those worries and made us reminisce about one of the biggest adventures of our lives.


234. Elna Baker, I think you're funny. Some may think you're jeopardizing your beliefs because you're a Mormon comedian in NYC. You do laugh at yourself, the rest of us and the conglomeration of Mormon idiosyncrasies that appear strange in the limelight. But I appreciate how you only chip away at our culture and not our gospel. The memoir is about her adaption of life in a city with wildly different values than her own. Her anecdotes about relationships, wardrobe mishaps, and Mormon young single-adult events, which she pins as a way for "Mormons to meet, marry and then make more Mormons", make this book hilarious and charming.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


233. A new year! I am slowly working on refining my new year resolutions as I am certain I can attain them this year. Here are a few: I can go a whole year without a serious boyfriend. I can move around from place to place without hesitation. I can spend all of my savings in a foreign country. I can go without paying for a gym membership. Yes, maybe most of those are inevitable with my lifestyle but the last one really is in hopes I will use Utah's beautiful resources to exercise (like I did today), instead of becoming a gym rat.